Where to…

Other blogs? Stores? Websites? Look no further!

…find online stores?

I haven’t yet ordered online, but these are stores I would consider and/or read about in other blogs. Do always perform a thorough check before ordering online!

Born Pretty Store – I first found this in someone’s blog, and indeed they have loads and ship worldwide. Definitely trying their stuff too.

Amazon – link is to UK site just because I live closer to the UK. I find Amazon a good way to safely get nail art supplies. Yes, you might have to browse longer to find what you need and yes your filled basket may have to come from 3 different vendors, but for beginners like me it’s a good bet as Amazon is a trusted site and *most* vendors there ship worldwide.

Nail Delights – UK based webstore, like their selection, will be looking into ordering from here too.

Want to link your store/do you know an online store that has got to be shared? Please let me know, I love getting to know more!

…find other stores?

Here are stores I personally visit to get nail polish and other nail arts supplies.

The Netherlands

DA parfurmerie – the larger ones have the best nail selection and quite often discounted OPI!

Etos – for Essie, although the large DA also carries it.

Kruidvat – Here’s where I find most colours for Catrice. My local Kruidvat stores also have discount buckets now where they sell discontinued Catrice and Essence colours for as little as €0.50!

Sephora – sadly, SADLY no more soon in The Netherlands. For crying out loud, I have multiple Sephora frequent customer cards for different countries, that’s how much I love them. Seriously, I’m running past all their stores on a weekly basis right now to snap up last stock before having to wait for trips abroad or ordering online via their official French site.


Sephora – ha, luckily it’s still very much alive and kicking in the USA. I got my first loyalty card here, boy do I like hopping around this place

Walgreens – ‘just a drugstore’ to locals, an amazing kingdom of everything to ladies from abroad (and I’ve discussed this with quite a few ladies from different countries ;-)). I can spend hours here, of which a good 20 minutes will be to pick everything from their nail department. Here’s where I first got relatively cheap nail art polish, nail stickers etc.


Boots – again quite obvious for locals, for visitors going to the UK: this is the main drugstore and especially the larger ones will have good selections of nail polishes. I actually do like the Boots own brands, when I first started nail art years ago I’d usually pick Boots.

Hong Kong and rest of Asia

Sasa – Oh how I love going to Sasa when I’m back in my home country! This is not the place to find the best known brands, but to find lots of cheap small pots of polish from nearby, Japan, Korea and some internationally known brands. Definitely a good place to go when you want to get a lot of colours to start off your nail art adventure.

Watson/Mannings – the general drugstores of HK, Singapore and other countries around. Easy to find and always something to buy.

Skin Food – A Korean brand that I first got to know when I had a stopover in Seoul, they also have stores in HK and other Asian countries. I love all their make up and especially their nail options, 2 coats of their glitter polish and my nails bling for a week!

This list will constantly be updated. Want to suggest a shop to visit? Let me know! I love new places especially around EU, USA/Canada, Hong Kong/Singapore

…find other nail blogs?

Hey. We are nail dummies. Nail dummies need to keep learning to improve their nail art. These blogs have helped me on my way so far. Here are their links (if any of their creators read this, thank you for giving me ideas to try out!)

Nail Nerd – this is a site so good that I can honestly say I wish I could do that! And the name’s just brilliant 🙂

The Nailasaurus – Another one in the category best names and also great pics, great designs.

Nailart Creations (Dutch) – a site in Dutch (ja, want ik spreek ook vloeiend Nederlands) with lots of designs. I like it as I can easily find the products used nearby

Simple Life & Style – This lady has got great style 🙂

Cuteberry Nails – I love her nail designs, very pretty and creative


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