A week of simple nails


Ah, the joys of being sick and moving. No time and no interest in doing proper nail art! Luckily I’ve more than enough polishes that are screaming to be tried, so this week’s all about random colours I love on their own.

Left is Nicole by OPI ‘Luke of the Draw’ from the Modern Family series. I used 3 coats of it, and I just loved the final look and how it lasted over 5 days! Awesomesauce.

To the right, what I’m wearing today is Sinful Colors ‘Dancing Nails’. I haven’t been using SC for long, but so far I’ve been quite satisfied with their colours and how good it goes on. This metallic rose is no exception, it looks great and is definitely good enough to wear on its own. So if you got 2 dollars to spare, then you’ve no excuse for not making your nails pretty!


I’ll be busy for at least another week, so my next posts will feature more of my fave single colours!


Today’s nails: if there’s no rainbow in the sky, paint them on instead!


So I was behind a bit on nail designs lately…what’s better to catch up than just using 5 different colours?

This design is so Nail Dummy proof, all you need is enough bold shades of polish and, if you’d follow exactly what I did, a couple of cute starry studs.

I chose mostly cheaper colours – all together this costs less than one bottle of fancy polish, which means you have no excuse for not buying them!

The blue is a favourite of mine, Sinful Colors’ Sinful Shine ‘Endless Blue’. Next up, the yellow by Essence, ‘Little Miss Sunshine’. My middle fingers are painted with Catrice ‘I’m not a greenager’. Followed by the cheapest but arguably the best colour red, Wet ‘n’ Wild ‘I red a good book’. Last but certainly not least, the orange. It’s by an awesome natural polish brand called Piggy Paint. Not only non-toxic and kid friendly, it’s also just great stuff to paint on! It’s targeted towards mothers to get for their young girls, which is great but I’m still 12 inside so I can use it as well 😉 The orange I used here’s called ‘Mac-n-cheese please’.

To finish it off, I stuck on the starry studs completely random while the polish was still wet, to make it ultra playful. Some top coat over it, and done are these happy hands! 🙂

Quick weekend red and yellow leopard


Hello ladies and a couple of gents, I’m home at last for a full 8 weeks, so I’ll have more time to blog again! This week I was working in Madrid, Spain which inspired me to do something in their flag colours red and yellow, and being busy as I was that quickly turned into a leopard design.

I’ve done a couple of other leopard prints on this blog so it’s not very new and original, however it’s still very on trend and I love the design, regardless of the colour combo used.

For this particular design I took Barry M’m Gelish in red, did 2 coats of that and let dry. Next, I took a black nail art pen (mine’s from Claire’s) to draw the leopard ‘C’ shapes and occasional dot and stripe. Make sure you get a real nail pain and not just nail art polish with a long thin brush – I find it LOADS easier to really draw it on.

Once the stripes are dry, I coloured in the spots with Hello Kitty ‘Banana Cream’, quite spot on name for this creamy yellow. I admit to having bought this just because I thought the bottle was cute, but this colour actually is really nice.

As last step, but not least important considering I used a nail art pen for this design, I sealed it in with a generous coat of Seche Vite top coat (you can use any other fast drying top coat as well). I almost patted it on to avoid smudging.

Happy rest of your weekend!

Pinkpop, pink nails, good weekend!


Last weekend we went to one of Holland’s largest and longest running rock festivals, Pinkpop. I’ve been to loads of them as I do enjoy to ***rock out*** quite a bit (doing some silly moves while typing).

I’d done my nails a few days before already, however I was blissfully unaware of the fact that I basically had my festival nails on a few days too soon!


Yes indeed, it’s such a shocking pink that it’s nearly a sin. Or a total one, as this is Sinful Colors ’24/7′. Nice easy 2 coats – it goes on matte so I painted on some Seche Vite speedy shiny top coat. I love neon colours when I’m a little tanned like now, it makes them pop even brighter! So if you’ve got a little colour on your skin, I can totally recommend this to you.

As for the festival, it was a lot of fun as always! Green Day were a bit of a let down, but Google the Belgian band Triggerfinger if you’re into loud guitars played by guys in suits. Loved it!

Fuzzy polish, is it any good? Part 2: Nails Inc. Feathers


After trying out Sally Hansen’s Fuzzy polish, I promised to get the other widely available fluffy looking polish, Feathers by Nails Inc., on my next trip to the US. And who would I be not to keep a promise? 😉 Last week, I picked up a bottle of ‘Cornwall’ at Sephora.

I already learnt that the fuzz, or should I say feathers in this case, don’t come out well without a base colour. For this particular colour I chose white. One coat was practically nothing, just as the Sally Hansen version, and again it took me 3 coats to get to a final result I was happy with (see pictures: top half is without additional top coat, bottom half is including top coat).

The result: I’m still not 100% convinced. It took me lots of scraping and picking to get it somewhat right. However, Nails Inc. Feathers are a lot less lumpy, and…it actually dried on its own, within 30 minutes! For this fact alone I can recommend you take this option if you want to dive into this nail trend. I’ll probably try it again using a blue base, to see if I can be satisfied with a look using just 1 or 2 coats of this polish. So…in the case of finding the best fuzzy polish, we have a winner!

DIY nail polish attempt #1

Helenhandbag nail dummy diy nail polish 1

Hello Friday Funday, time for a new little experiment!

I’d been reading several blogs by ladies crafting their own nail polish. Now I wouldn’t be a curious nail dummy if I didn’t give it a try…may I present to you…drumroll…the first ever Helenhandbag Nail Dummy polish!

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t try to do something a teeny tiny bit different than others. If you read most blogs, you’ll see that they use clear nail polish mixed with old eyeshadow. I wanted a fancy top coat however, so I took a bottle of Claire’s gel-like top coat, and 3 different colours of neon powder that I recently found at a local arts and crafts shop.

With a small bit of paper, I created a little funnel that I held tight on top of the bottle. Then I tipped just a few small taps of powder, closed the bottle and shook it all up, to ensure the powder evenly distributes. If you drop too much powder in at once and don’t shake well in between, it’ll lump up. I repeated these steps just as long until I had the effect I wanted.

Helenhandbag nail dummy diy nail polish

Now the exciting bit: testing the polish! I took a simple white base polish and added 2 coats so that my nails were covered nicely. Then I started layering on my new top coat. I actually like it, woohoo! 1 coat gives a nice hint of colour, I’d consider this when adding it over a different colour. Over white I prefer a stronger effect, so I ended up doing 3 coats. Make sure you wait a good bit in between coats to avoid it bubbling and going all horrible.

All in all, I really enjoyed making a polish and I’ll surely be doing it again soon. The Nail Dummy recommends this to all and rates this as super duper easy!

Review: Essence peel-off base coat

Essence peel-off base coat

Recently I found this peel-off base coat at my local chemist. I’d never heard of such a thing before, so I just had to buy a bottle. When I bought it, I thought it could go two ways: either it’d be the best base coat ever, or it’d go straight to the bin.

I tried it on Friday evening while I was doing my coral nail art. The base coat’s quite simple to apply: just brush a generous amount on your nail, it goes on white. Wait for 10-15 minutes until it’s clear, and you’re ready to add your colour coatings. The fact it goes on white and dries clear is actually quite good for me, as I sometimes get impatient and start my colours too soon while the base is still tacky. This forces me to actually take time to let it dry properly before moving on. Continue reading