Today’s nails: who says nails can’t have a tan?


Today I had a day off. For a while it looked like housework all day, but luckily I made it to the park, nails done, bikini on, ice cream bought and ready to snooze in the sun! Speaking of my nails…

I already have a bit of a tan going on, and today it was time to give my nails one too. It doesn’t get much better than Butter London’s ‘Sunbaker’. The perfect name for a perfect orange/tan colour. It also goes on so nice that I had to admit to myself again that splurging a teeny bit on polish is worth it sometimes…

I love this colour so much, that for the nail art bit I wanted a piece to make it real summery cute. To achieve that I chose 2 bows with a little bling that I found, of all places, at Poundland in Edinburgh a while back (ladies in the UK rush over there now). I used just a tiny drop of nail glue to secure them, and waited about 15 minutes before using my hands again. As these bows are a little bigger, you want to make sure they’ve set real tight otherwise they’ll fly off in no time!

Anyways, off to do some more snoozing!


Today’s nails: a glittery sunset


Today I finally found some inspiration again – this week, in case you were wondering, I was so busy with other things that I got my first nail art black out…the ideas weren’t coming at all! But luckily the slowly but surely improving summer here in Holland gave me a design to work out at long last.

I wanted a bit of a funky sunset to sponge on, and for that I chose 3 polishes: Sinful Colors ’24/7′, my go-to neon pink of the moment, ‘Crystal Clear’, some playful glitters, and Catrice ‘Ernie and Birdy’, a light yellow with a slight shimmer.

First I did just 1 coat of the yellow, but made sure it did cover fairly well. Then, I took a triangular make up sponge, cut it in half (so I can use the other half for a future design), grabbed some aluminum foil and a nail stick.
I added a blob of pink and a little yellow on the foil in such a way that it just touched. Then I pressed the sponge on it, and dabbed it carefully over each nail , moving left/right and slightly up/down until I got my desired ombre look.

After finishing each nail, I took the nail stick to quickly remove some of the excess polish directly around my cuticles and after that added one coat of the glitter. I cleaned up the rest of the mess after adding my quick drying top coat. Sponging is just so messy! But I do quite enjoy it. Summer’s now on my nails 🙂

Today’s nails: inspired by classic sneakers

Onitsuka Tiger inspired yellow and black nails

I couldn’t bear the thought of having to leave the house showing my nail fail of last night, so I decided to change them just now. I’ve a party to attend tonight, so anything looking less than good is a complete no-no!

Luckily inspiration was found quickly. I finally bought a pair of Onitsuka Tiger sneakers in their classic yellow and black colours – this combination of theirs was initially made famous in the 1970’s by Bruce Lee, and made a major comeback in the 2000’s when Quentin Tarantino dressed Uma Thurman up as Bruce Lee for the Kill Bill series.

Kill Bill poster Continue reading

Today’s nails: a little bit of everything with a crackle

crackle nailpolish

A few days ago I promised to do a more special manicure this week. I’d been thinking loads on what to do, as I’ve seen so many great ideas lately. I wanted to also draw inspiration from something real and current, which today is spring in The Netherlands. And that means colourful fields of tulips! But tulip fields alone on my nails isn’t exciting enough, so I’m adding some rebellious crackle to it. Continue reading

Suit & tie manicure that purrs!

Manicure cat

Another one from the archives today, I did raid several stores again today though so I’ve enough new polishes to play around with!

I called this my suit & tie mani with a little meow-factor. (Sorry for the poor cleaning prior to taking the above picture by the way…) Was really simple, just 2 coats of Nails Inc. ‘Mayfair‘, which is a pearly white, followed by some Bourjois Paris nail stickers – I’m sure you can find similar ones from online nail stores, as I’ve got a feeling you can only get the ones I got in The Netherlands and selected other European countries. With thin tweezers, I carefully placed my little bow ties, and to make it a little cuter, added a kitty kat on my index fingers. That’s all! Any nail dummy can do this :-

Today’s nails: quick tune-up, fashionably neon

neon yellow nails

To my surprise, my husband of all people made a comment: ‘I think I like you more with bold nails’. If he says so, it must be true 😉 And yes, personally I agree! I LOVE a good pop colour any day over nudes, so time to throw in a little extra nail time. I decided to go full-on neon, no tricks included. I played with some stars but to be honest, this China Glaze ‘Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’s so neon, that (when using it as base colour) anything else would make it look over-the-top.

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Red-dy for the weekend!

OPI Animal-istic

Sometimes, I like a colour so much on its own that I’ll just go back to basics and have some classy classic nails. OPI’s Animal-istic is such a colour. I found it by chance at my local make up store as unfortunately, this shade is no longer being made (it was part of the 2011 Muppets collection). Depending on the light it’s sometimes a deep red, sometimes a coral, with just a hint of glitter. Perhaps there’s something out there that looks like it!

Actually I’d like to ask you a question: how do you like your nails? Basic 1 colour, basic but several colours, light nail art or complete works of art?