Contact and disclaimer

To contact me, use the comment fields underneath my blog post entries as much as possible. I love hearing from you! If we end up having further conversations, or if you have questions (nail art related obviously) that don’t fit anywhere as comment, then you can reach me at Please note I’m just a regular working lady, therefore I won’t guarantee any ‘within x number of hours’ response. Any e-mails not about nail art will not be responded to!

If you want to promote any of your items, you may do so. Please do send me an e-mail or comment first though! I reserve the right to delete and/or deny any promotions I do not agree with. If any nail polish/art brand would want to have silly me reviewing anything, I will try out samples although I will always write my honest opinion of the product on my blog. I will certainly not accept any payments for various reasons, most notably as this is a hobby blog and I have no intentions whatsoever to quit my day job for this (as if I’m even close to good enough, I’m a nail dummy remember ;-)). In addition, no store or brand linked in any blog has asked me to do so, I merely link them to show examples to readers. In the unlikely event that you want to be unlinked, please send an e-mail to the address above.

All products used on this blog have been purchased by myself unless stated otherwise, and all views on this blog are mine, all mine! Har, har, har.


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