Fuzzy polish, is it any good? Part 2: Nails Inc. Feathers


After trying out Sally Hansen’s Fuzzy polish, I promised to get the other widely available fluffy looking polish, Feathers by Nails Inc., on my next trip to the US. And who would I be not to keep a promise? 😉 Last week, I picked up a bottle of ‘Cornwall’ at Sephora.

I already learnt that the fuzz, or should I say feathers in this case, don’t come out well without a base colour. For this particular colour I chose white. One coat was practically nothing, just as the Sally Hansen version, and again it took me 3 coats to get to a final result I was happy with (see pictures: top half is without additional top coat, bottom half is including top coat).

The result: I’m still not 100% convinced. It took me lots of scraping and picking to get it somewhat right. However, Nails Inc. Feathers are a lot less lumpy, and…it actually dried on its own, within 30 minutes! For this fact alone I can recommend you take this option if you want to dive into this nail trend. I’ll probably try it again using a blue base, to see if I can be satisfied with a look using just 1 or 2 coats of this polish. So…in the case of finding the best fuzzy polish, we have a winner!


Today’s nails: black and white graffiti


So…Queensday in The Netherlands was truly amazing. The nails worked quite well, better than I thought!
But now it’s all back to normal and that means the flags must go.

As I was still recovering from the day I’d trouble making decisions, so in the end I chose for something simple. I recently got Nails Inc.’s Brick Lane graffiti glitter, and I paired it up with Nails Inc.’s Mayfair. I love the result! Beforehand I was wondering what base colour would work with these glitters, and pearl white works terrific. I used 2 coats of the white and 3 coats of the glitter to get the effect as shown on the pic.
Back to recovering now 🙂

Suit & tie manicure that purrs!

Manicure cat

Another one from the archives today, I did raid several stores again today though so I’ve enough new polishes to play around with!

I called this my suit & tie mani with a little meow-factor. (Sorry for the poor cleaning prior to taking the above picture by the way…) Was really simple, just 2 coats of Nails Inc. ‘Mayfair‘, which is a pearly white, followed by some Bourjois Paris nail stickers – I’m sure you can find similar ones from online nail stores, as I’ve got a feeling you can only get the ones I got in The Netherlands and selected other European countries. With thin tweezers, I carefully placed my little bow ties, and to make it a little cuter, added a kitty kat on my index fingers. That’s all! Any nail dummy can do this :-