Red-dy for the weekend!

OPI Animal-istic

Sometimes, I like a colour so much on its own that I’ll just go back to basics and have some classy classic nails. OPI’s Animal-istic is such a colour. I found it by chance at my local make up store as unfortunately, this shade is no longer being made (it was part of the 2011 Muppets collection). Depending on the light it’s sometimes a deep red, sometimes a coral, with just a hint of glitter. Perhaps there’s something out there that looks like it!

Actually I’d like to ask you a question: how do you like your nails? Basic 1 colour, basic but several colours, light nail art or complete works of art?


Taped mani attempt #1: royal purple and gold

purple and gold nail art

OK so I’m nearly done posting my progress ‘pre-blog’. Next week, when I do my nails again (I’m still loving the blue nails I did, see my first blog entry) I’ll start taking more pics while I’m painting my nails. And then you’ll see the royal mess I make! I have no intention of acting as if I can do perfectly manicured nails without painting half my hands as well 🙂

Speaking about royal, out here in The Netherlands excitement is growing by the day as our current Queen Beatrix is stepping aside on April 30, to make way for her son Willem-Alexander. As I’m in Amsterdam, I’m already often bumping into cars from the royal family and staff, probably there to inspect the sites for the big day. I’ll be doing a special mani ready for this day consisting of the Dutch flag colours red, white, blue and royal colour orange, but long story short, all this royal talk got me in the mood for doing something in typical royal purple and gold. A very classy combination of colours indeed! At the same time, my sticky tape was looking at me as if it were saying ‘go on then, you know it’s time to do a real taped manicure?’. And yes, I did fancy practicing my taping skills, so here goes. Continue reading