Glow in the dark nails, you’ve never looked better in the dark


I’m really wanting to do some proper nail designs again soon, but still too busy so here’s another simple do – although this one’s pretty different!

American Apparel sell a really good line of nail polishes, and when I was there a few weeks ago my eyes caught a bottle of glow in the dark polish. Too interesting! In a world filled with all sorts of glittery polishes, this one stands out as bright in a whole other way. In the basket, paid, mine!

As much as I think this will work as a top coat over almost everything, I was fancying creamy white nails, so I layered 2 coats of Essie ‘Waltz’, a thin, sheer white, before 1-2 coats of the glowy stuff. I instantly ran into another room where it was dark and…yes! Success! All I could see were 10 blobs of light, too funny!

The verdict, as you may expect: go get it 🙂 Unfortunately my cameras were too weak to capture the full effect, so I got one instead of a shady spot where you can already see the nails light up.



Pinkpop, pink nails, good weekend!


Last weekend we went to one of Holland’s largest and longest running rock festivals, Pinkpop. I’ve been to loads of them as I do enjoy to ***rock out*** quite a bit (doing some silly moves while typing).

I’d done my nails a few days before already, however I was blissfully unaware of the fact that I basically had my festival nails on a few days too soon!


Yes indeed, it’s such a shocking pink that it’s nearly a sin. Or a total one, as this is Sinful Colors ’24/7′. Nice easy 2 coats – it goes on matte so I painted on some Seche Vite speedy shiny top coat. I love neon colours when I’m a little tanned like now, it makes them pop even brighter! So if you’ve got a little colour on your skin, I can totally recommend this to you.

As for the festival, it was a lot of fun as always! Green Day were a bit of a let down, but Google the Belgian band Triggerfinger if you’re into loud guitars played by guys in suits. Loved it!

Today’s nails: it’s not a gradient, it’s a dip-dye

Dip-dye nail

It’s Monday, new manicure day! Today I parted with possibly my most favourite design to date, my Onitsuka Tiger/Kill Bill nails. Not to worry, we have the pictures and I can do it again anytime.

Today I tried something new – a nail dip-dye. As if you dip your nails three quarters into a bottle of polish. Wanting something slightly different than just another gradient design and thinking of my dip-dye hair (go on check out the ‘about me’ page), I thought that could be an interesting new design. Continue reading