Today’s nails: it’s not a gradient, it’s a dip-dye

Dip-dye nail

It’s Monday, new manicure day! Today I parted with possibly my most favourite design to date, my Onitsuka Tiger/Kill Bill nails. Not to worry, we have the pictures and I can do it again anytime.

Today I tried something new – a nail dip-dye. As if you dip your nails three quarters into a bottle of polish. Wanting something slightly different than just another gradient design and thinking of my dip-dye hair (go on check out the ‘about me’ page), I thought that could be an interesting new design. Continue reading


Today’s nails: the black and gold gradient that wasn’t perfect, but actually works

Black and gold gradient nails

Oh hi there! Monday’s kind of the day I file down those nails and do my first design of the week. Over the weekend I was fancying something black again, and decided to make it a gradient with gold, classy and edgy at the same time.

First I started off with 2 coats of Claire’s Gel-like polish in black. This is the best-value black gel-like polish I know of, it goes on really shiny, so much so you’d hardly need any top coat for the shine. Not today though, it needs gold! Continue reading