Today’s nails: if there’s no rainbow in the sky, paint them on instead!


So I was behind a bit on nail designs lately…what’s better to catch up than just using 5 different colours?

This design is so Nail Dummy proof, all you need is enough bold shades of polish and, if you’d follow exactly what I did, a couple of cute starry studs.

I chose mostly cheaper colours – all together this costs less than one bottle of fancy polish, which means you have no excuse for not buying them!

The blue is a favourite of mine, Sinful Colors’ Sinful Shine ‘Endless Blue’. Next up, the yellow by Essence, ‘Little Miss Sunshine’. My middle fingers are painted with Catrice ‘I’m not a greenager’. Followed by the cheapest but arguably the best colour red, Wet ‘n’ Wild ‘I red a good book’. Last but certainly not least, the orange. It’s by an awesome natural polish brand called Piggy Paint. Not only non-toxic and kid friendly, it’s also just great stuff to paint on! It’s targeted towards mothers to get for their young girls, which is great but I’m still 12 inside so I can use it as well 😉 The orange I used here’s called ‘Mac-n-cheese please’.

To finish it off, I stuck on the starry studs completely random while the polish was still wet, to make it ultra playful. Some top coat over it, and done are these happy hands! 🙂


Review: Essence peel-off base coat

Essence peel-off base coat

Recently I found this peel-off base coat at my local chemist. I’d never heard of such a thing before, so I just had to buy a bottle. When I bought it, I thought it could go two ways: either it’d be the best base coat ever, or it’d go straight to the bin.

I tried it on Friday evening while I was doing my coral nail art. The base coat’s quite simple to apply: just brush a generous amount on your nail, it goes on white. Wait for 10-15 minutes until it’s clear, and you’re ready to add your colour coatings. The fact it goes on white and dries clear is actually quite good for me, as I sometimes get impatient and start my colours too soon while the base is still tacky. This forces me to actually take time to let it dry properly before moving on. Continue reading

Today’s nails: Monday freestyle, beige/coral glitter with wings

simple glitter nail art bird

Happy Monday all! Well what a start of the week, I just started a new job and wow, it’s great 🙂 To celebrate (OK and just because it’s Monday) I wanted to treat myself to a new nail design. One slight problem though…first days on jobs are always more exhausting than expected, so my big ‘inspired by nature’ idea’s not going to happen until tomorrow or Wednesday. Watch this space!

So today I decided to just grab a couple of polishes and start painting away. No plan, no nothing, just going with the flow… Continue reading