About me


Hi there! I’m Helen, a happy thirty-something with international roots and living in the lovely Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I love fashion, beauty, rock festivals, great food, cats (etc. etc. etc.) and travel. I’ve lived around Asia, UK and am constantly busy working on trips for work and pleasure, although I really do love my house!

As a teenager, I got into doing nail art and subsequently spent a good few years locked in my bedroom smelling mostly of nail polish. However, when I moved out and got to know things like college, boyfriends and fashion, I dropped the paint and started socialising. Nails were then solely in the hands of nail salons when my poor hands looked too awful to show.

A few years ago however, I started to make business trips to the USA and I remember on the first evening after I arrived for the first time, I went for a manicure as my nails indeed were looking awful especially after the long flight. I found out there how cheap (for European standards) it was to get nails done, and even better, how much cheaper nail polish and other products were full stop! From then on, I started collecting loads of polishes during every trip – the going joke at one point became that I’d be going fun-shopping at Walgreens and Sephora after work rather than having proper dinner – and soon enough I had a nice collection of decent colours. My nails were never so colourful! Nowadays I try to bring back polishes from wherever I go.

Then a few months ago, by then married (so no more need to spend time on boys ;-)) and in need of a new hobby, I decided it was time to start doing nail art again. Only problem was, I totally forgot how to do it. What tools do I need? What designs can I make and how do I achieve them? That’s when I started reading loads of nail blogs and visited my local markets to get a couple of things to learn how to do nail art according to today’s trends. The only thing I miss from most blogs is that nails done there are usually pretty long. Very pretty, but not always practical. I keep mine fairly short for work purposes, so that’s one of the reasons I thought I’d share my own designs on the web!

This blog is my own little learning tracking process, that I gladly share with you. If you’re a nail dummy like me, join me in learning new tricks to make our glorious nails even prettier! If you’re a nail art pro, feel free to also share your tips and links here! Don’t expect a very flashy site or photos taken with the best of cameras either, I might sometimes update while travelling so it’s all back to 21st century basics like iPhone pics 😉 But I do hope you’ll enjoy it all the same. Happy viewing!


15 thoughts on “About me

  1. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

  2. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 Interesting to see your posts on nail art. I have no patience for painting my nails and instead spend more time pulling at my dry cuticles (for which I blame the cold climate in Brussels)!

      • Indeed! Where did the sun go?? I thought it was finally spring… I just returned to Brussels yesterday and I’m tempted to turn on the heating in my apartment again! Oh well…

  3. Just wanted to say hi and thanks for stopping by at my blog 🙂 Been browsing yours now as I am actually sitting in front of pc painting my nails! Turns out that I have lots to learn.

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