Fuzzy polish, is it any good? Part 2: Nails Inc. Feathers


After trying out Sally Hansen’s Fuzzy polish, I promised to get the other widely available fluffy looking polish, Feathers by Nails Inc., on my next trip to the US. And who would I be not to keep a promise? 😉 Last week, I picked up a bottle of ‘Cornwall’ at Sephora.

I already learnt that the fuzz, or should I say feathers in this case, don’t come out well without a base colour. For this particular colour I chose white. One coat was practically nothing, just as the Sally Hansen version, and again it took me 3 coats to get to a final result I was happy with (see pictures: top half is without additional top coat, bottom half is including top coat).

The result: I’m still not 100% convinced. It took me lots of scraping and picking to get it somewhat right. However, Nails Inc. Feathers are a lot less lumpy, and…it actually dried on its own, within 30 minutes! For this fact alone I can recommend you take this option if you want to dive into this nail trend. I’ll probably try it again using a blue base, to see if I can be satisfied with a look using just 1 or 2 coats of this polish. So…in the case of finding the best fuzzy polish, we have a winner!


7 thoughts on “Fuzzy polish, is it any good? Part 2: Nails Inc. Feathers

    • Thanks, love yours too 🙂 🙂 I actually found this one OK to remove, not great but still OK – I used 100% acetone and it took less than 10 minutes. Although that stuff is never good for your nails…

  1. I’ve seen this stuff blogged all over, and can’t say it’s growing on me. This does look like it came out way better than the Sally Hansen version, though. And the almost delft-blue colour is really nice!

    • It is a bit, and it’s even harder to get off, although with pure acetone or peel-off basecoat it gets easier. I’d say go for it if you like something that’ll stay on just fine for a week (it’s that solid) 🙂

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