Quick weekend red and yellow leopard


Hello ladies and a couple of gents, I’m home at last for a full 8 weeks, so I’ll have more time to blog again! This week I was working in Madrid, Spain which inspired me to do something in their flag colours red and yellow, and being busy as I was that quickly turned into a leopard design.

I’ve done a couple of other leopard prints on this blog so it’s not very new and original, however it’s still very on trend and I love the design, regardless of the colour combo used.

For this particular design I took Barry M’m Gelish in red, did 2 coats of that and let dry. Next, I took a black nail art pen (mine’s from Claire’s) to draw the leopard ‘C’ shapes and occasional dot and stripe. Make sure you get a real nail pain and not just nail art polish with a long thin brush – I find it LOADS easier to really draw it on.

Once the stripes are dry, I coloured in the spots with Hello Kitty ‘Banana Cream’, quite spot on name for this creamy yellow. I admit to having bought this just because I thought the bottle was cute, but this colour actually is really nice.

As last step, but not least important considering I used a nail art pen for this design, I sealed it in with a generous coat of Seche Vite top coat (you can use any other fast drying top coat as well). I almost patted it on to avoid smudging.

Happy rest of your weekend!


Glow in the dark nails, you’ve never looked better in the dark


I’m really wanting to do some proper nail designs again soon, but still too busy so here’s another simple do – although this one’s pretty different!

American Apparel sell a really good line of nail polishes, and when I was there a few weeks ago my eyes caught a bottle of glow in the dark polish. Too interesting! In a world filled with all sorts of glittery polishes, this one stands out as bright in a whole other way. In the basket, paid, mine!

As much as I think this will work as a top coat over almost everything, I was fancying creamy white nails, so I layered 2 coats of Essie ‘Waltz’, a thin, sheer white, before 1-2 coats of the glowy stuff. I instantly ran into another room where it was dark and…yes! Success! All I could see were 10 blobs of light, too funny!

The verdict, as you may expect: go get it 🙂 Unfortunately my cameras were too weak to capture the full effect, so I got one instead of a shady spot where you can already see the nails light up.


Pinkpop, pink nails, good weekend!


Last weekend we went to one of Holland’s largest and longest running rock festivals, Pinkpop. I’ve been to loads of them as I do enjoy to ***rock out*** quite a bit (doing some silly moves while typing).

I’d done my nails a few days before already, however I was blissfully unaware of the fact that I basically had my festival nails on a few days too soon!


Yes indeed, it’s such a shocking pink that it’s nearly a sin. Or a total one, as this is Sinful Colors ’24/7′. Nice easy 2 coats – it goes on matte so I painted on some Seche Vite speedy shiny top coat. I love neon colours when I’m a little tanned like now, it makes them pop even brighter! So if you’ve got a little colour on your skin, I can totally recommend this to you.

As for the festival, it was a lot of fun as always! Green Day were a bit of a let down, but Google the Belgian band Triggerfinger if you’re into loud guitars played by guys in suits. Loved it!

Red, red wine…on my nails

Red wine nails

I’m still a little jetlagged, so today no new nails just yet, but a recent design I hadn’t shared due to my heavy travel schedule…

Anyways, I had a bottle of Nails Inc. ‘Victoria’ lying around for a while already, and although they call it one of their ‘hero shades’, I hadn’t yet decided what could be hero of wine red; yes I love wine, but wasn’t this particular shade of red most popular as a hair colour in the late ’90’s?

But I bought it, so I promised myself to try it out. And so I did, for an evening out – I figured this would be the best occasion for it. Did it very simple, just 2 coats, shiny top coat and a little gold stud on one nail per hand…and decided I loved it. I shouldn’t have doubted the hero status of this colour, it’s so classy it rocks!

Red wine nails part 2

And how good does it look clutching a little glass of red (disclaimer: from 16 in Holland, 18 in most of other European countries, 19 in Canada and 21 in the States, if younger grab some grape juice 😉 ;-))

Off to waking up a little more again!

Fuzzy polish, is it any good? Part 2: Nails Inc. Feathers


After trying out Sally Hansen’s Fuzzy polish, I promised to get the other widely available fluffy looking polish, Feathers by Nails Inc., on my next trip to the US. And who would I be not to keep a promise? 😉 Last week, I picked up a bottle of ‘Cornwall’ at Sephora.

I already learnt that the fuzz, or should I say feathers in this case, don’t come out well without a base colour. For this particular colour I chose white. One coat was practically nothing, just as the Sally Hansen version, and again it took me 3 coats to get to a final result I was happy with (see pictures: top half is without additional top coat, bottom half is including top coat).

The result: I’m still not 100% convinced. It took me lots of scraping and picking to get it somewhat right. However, Nails Inc. Feathers are a lot less lumpy, and…it actually dried on its own, within 30 minutes! For this fact alone I can recommend you take this option if you want to dive into this nail trend. I’ll probably try it again using a blue base, to see if I can be satisfied with a look using just 1 or 2 coats of this polish. So…in the case of finding the best fuzzy polish, we have a winner!

Back from the USA again, nail polish shopping part 2!


Hello my dear readers, I’m back again! Work took me to New Orleans this week, and I had 2 days off to explore this amazing city (the French Quarter and uptown are some of the best places I’ve seen in the USA so far)…and while I was shopping around, I found lots and lots of nail polishes 😉

This time I focused on slightly more expensive brands rather than my giant Walgreens/CVS brands raid last time, so as you can see on the pic, there’s among others some Butter London, OPI (very excited about finding the Minnie Mouse set), an eco friendly find named Piggy Paint, American Apparel, and of course some Nails Inc. feathers for my second feather/fuzz review. All in all it cost just a fraction of what we pay in Europe, so I’m mighty glad tgat I could get this!

As last time, any polish a nail pen you want so see tried and tested soon?