Going nail polish shopping in the USA, part 1


Hey ladies, just landed from a week of working in the greater LA area, so if you were wondering what I was doing…yup, that. And yes, also *that*. Which refers to using my 2 seconds of free time to raid especially Sephora and Walgreens for some new goodies!

I’m exceptionally chuffed for finding some Seche Vite top coat and Onyx pure acetone, 2 items I just can’t find out here in Holland.

The OMG This Is Too Cute bottles must be the 2 Hello Kitty ones. I admit to getting these primarily for the bottle… Apart from that, rather than getting lots of OPI and Essie, I opted to get cheaper funky options from Sinful Colors, Wet ‘n Wild and Elf. To top it off, some repeat Nails Inc. products.

Next week there’ll be another trip, so expect a new whole batch! For now, any special requests on manis using any of these colours or toppers?


10 thoughts on “Going nail polish shopping in the USA, part 1

  1. Ok, where did you find the HK polish? I will be interested to see what you do with the Fuzzy Coat; I was on the fence and put it back on the shelf after waiting for my prescription.

    I really think we need to come up with an international travel nail polish exchange 🙂

    • The HK polishes are from Sephora. They were there for quite a while and I found them in a sale bucket, so I’m thinking they’ll be discontinued soon, hurry! 🙂
      And yes, I’ll be trying the fuzzy coat this week.

    • Yes it’s Fairy Dust, I got it as it looks a lot like an older similar Nails Inc. glitter that I got, flakes are my favourites! And no I haven’t tried the fuzzy SH yet but it will be the next one now for sure 🙂

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