DIY nail polish attempt #1

Helenhandbag nail dummy diy nail polish 1

Hello Friday Funday, time for a new little experiment!

I’d been reading several blogs by ladies crafting their own nail polish. Now I wouldn’t be a curious nail dummy if I didn’t give it a try…may I present to you…drumroll…the first ever Helenhandbag Nail Dummy polish!

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t try to do something a teeny tiny bit different than others. If you read most blogs, you’ll see that they use clear nail polish mixed with old eyeshadow. I wanted a fancy top coat however, so I took a bottle of Claire’s gel-like top coat, and 3 different colours of neon powder that I recently found at a local arts and crafts shop.

With a small bit of paper, I created a little funnel that I held tight on top of the bottle. Then I tipped just a few small taps of powder, closed the bottle and shook it all up, to ensure the powder evenly distributes. If you drop too much powder in at once and don’t shake well in between, it’ll lump up. I repeated these steps just as long until I had the effect I wanted.

Helenhandbag nail dummy diy nail polish

Now the exciting bit: testing the polish! I took a simple white base polish and added 2 coats so that my nails were covered nicely. Then I started layering on my new top coat. I actually like it, woohoo! 1 coat gives a nice hint of colour, I’d consider this when adding it over a different colour. Over white I prefer a stronger effect, so I ended up doing 3 coats. Make sure you wait a good bit in between coats to avoid it bubbling and going all horrible.

All in all, I really enjoyed making a polish and I’ll surely be doing it again soon. The Nail Dummy recommends this to all and rates this as super duper easy!


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