Today’s nails: manicure at Tiffany’s

Manicure nailart inspired by Tiffany's

(Now with a better photo!) Today it’s time for a little ode to the place my engagement ring came from: Tiffany & Co.! Yes I’m a lucky little one 😉

Their signature mint green and white colours are very much on trend right now, all the more reason to do this nail design.

I started with 2 coats of Essence ‘That’s what I mint!’ and let it dry. Next I brushed on some top coat on all nails except my middle nail, and using thin tweezers added a large rhinestone on each nail. I guess you know what they symbolise 😉

Tools used for Tiffany's mani

Now the tricky part. At least, it is for me! With a dotting tool I outlined a bow using white nail polish. It did take me a bit to get it right…then I took a thin nail art brush and with a little extra polish, joined the dots in such a way that it became a bow. I can’t wait until my Born Pretty Store stick-on bows arrive! But I’m glad with this result as well. Last but not least: a touch of my swankiest shiniest top coat to seal it all in.

And there you have one seriously luxurious manicure!


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