Today’s nails: it’s not a gradient, it’s a dip-dye

Dip-dye nail

It’s Monday, new manicure day! Today I parted with possibly my most favourite design to date, my Onitsuka Tiger/Kill Bill nails. Not to worry, we have the pictures and I can do it again anytime.

Today I tried something new – a nail dip-dye. As if you dip your nails three quarters into a bottle of polish. Wanting something slightly different than just another gradient design and thinking of my dip-dye hair (go on check out the ‘about me’ page), I thought that could be an interesting new design.

I took 2 colours, a nude/beige polish and a bright neon pink one, both oldies from Urban Outfitters. I don’t really think they’re the best polishes out there, but the colours are as hip as the store so I usually buy some bottles when I’m there.

First add 2 coats of the beige and let dry (I prefer saying beige to nude as us Asians and darker-skinned sisters see an entirely different colour when we undress ;-)).

Then take a sponge, polish some neon pink on to a sheet of aluminium or plastic foil, and pick it up with the sponge as if you were going to do a gradient. This is the trick – because you’re not picking up the base colour as well, the top colour will go on a lot bolder than when doing a gradient nail.

Creating a dip-dye nail

Sponge it on lightly until you reach the coverage that you want. I chose to make it pretty dramatic, although you could also do it so light that you only get a little tease of the pop colour on each nail.

The verdict: there’s room for improvement, but I still like it because of the colour combo. I do like a neutral/neon clash. Makes the pop colour slightly softer. Anyways, am curious to find out what you think, I’m off to think of my next project!


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