Today’s nails: playing around with reds

Red nails in different styles

Soooooo the husband’s out of town, I’m home alone eating a microwave meal, thinking of what to do…oh what the heck, let’s just practice some different nail art techniques!

I couldn’t decide what to do, so I first chose 2 base colours: Catrice ‘Bloody Mary to Go’, a nice deep red, and Catrice ‘Papa don’t Peach’ – indeed, a bright peach colour.

On my thumb I tried something I found through a make up brand tutorial: I first painted a coat of light yellow, then the peach, and last but not least the red, let it dry well and then used a thin nail art brush dipped in acetone nail polish remover to create a sun. You’ll want to dip it lightly every time to avoid spilling on your nail. Once happy with the sun shape, I put a top coat on.

Red nails gone wild tonight

My index finger next. I took a nail art pen in black, drew on messy ‘C’ shapes, and placed little dots of the peach polish to create a funky leopard print.

My middle finger was done by putting on a layer of top coat, adding some large bits of glitter (you can buy it in little pots through nail art stores online or arts and craft stores) and sealing it in with another layer of top coat.

My ring finger became a taped design, using 2 strips of nail striping tape on very dry nails, painting in the peach and then removing the tape. You have the least chance of smudging when you remove the tape from the bottom up, but if you do smudge, you can still fix it using a nail art brush to remove excess paint, and then carefully adding some red to cover up.

Last but not least my pinkie, here I chose for some simple stars and flower glitter in white and light red, and sealed it in again with top coat.

Which nail’s best in your opinion?

This is what I used:

Nail art tools


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