Review: Essence peel-off base coat

Essence peel-off base coat

Recently I found this peel-off base coat at my local chemist. I’d never heard of such a thing before, so I just had to buy a bottle. When I bought it, I thought it could go two ways: either it’d be the best base coat ever, or it’d go straight to the bin.

I tried it on Friday evening while I was doing my coral nail art. The base coat’s quite simple to apply: just brush a generous amount on your nail, it goes on white. Wait for 10-15 minutes until it’s clear, and you’re ready to add your colour coatings. The fact it goes on white and dries clear is actually quite good for me, as I sometimes get impatient and start my colours too soon while the base is still tacky. This forces me to actually take time to let it dry properly before moving on.

On Saturday night I decided it was time to try a little peel. Well peel…let’s say it’s more of a scratch-off base coat. Yes it does come off, but by no means can you just peel it off in one go. It took me about 1.5 minutes per nail to get all the bits and pieces off. Sides were particularly hard to remove. After some good scratches I finally managed to get about 95% off.

In addition, Essence mention that your nails won’t be harmed when peeling it off. Indeed my nails both remained intact, however they did feel pretty dry. I guess that’s the difference between using a polish remover or not!

Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised how it worked. To be honest, of the two thoughts mentioned at the beginning, my thinking was going more towards ‘it’ll go straight to the bin’ than anything else. Would I use it as my standard base coat? No. It’s a bit too much work for day-to-day use, at least for people like me who do their nails multiple times per week. However, this is perfect when doing glitter nail polish, as scratching that off WILL be easier than removing it the ‘old-fashioned’ way. I can also see myself taking this along when travelling, so I don’t have to pack bottles of remover and worry about it spilling during transit. Hooray!


5 thoughts on “Review: Essence peel-off base coat

  1. I love this product, I did a review about it ages ago I think it was actually my first post šŸ˜› I found it really easy to peel off though, I got a few nails off in one go!

      • Oh I think it’s awesome, sometimes I forget to apply it though because I have a tendency to throw on some glitter at the last min šŸ˜› Yeah I think you just need to get the corner and wiggle it a bit then it should peel off!

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