Today’s nails: coral so cute your cat will be jealous!

Cat and coral nails design

It hurt a little bit to part with my last simple design. Even guys digged the black and white graffiti…just sayin’, girls đŸ˜‰

If you read my last blog you’ll have seen that I raided my local chemist yesterday. So many colours, I did not know which one to choose first! Then I had a quick look at my new heels I got from a vintage designer store the other day…

New coral heels

Oh yes they’re very yummy for the summer. And look here, I happen to have bought a Catrice shade of just about that colour! Done. 2 coats of ’20 Meet me at Coral Island’ went on the nails. I let it dry a bit, and then added a layer of Claire’s Gel-like top coat to give it a more playful rather than shiny sleek finish.

Then I felt like having a bit of fun, so I grabbed a wheel of rhinestones and, using thin tweezers added some stars and other stones while the top coat was about half-dry. Don’t do this too soon after adding it or it’ll smudge, and not too late because then you won’t be able to keep the nail art in place. Once I was happy with the position of my stars, I sealed them in with another layer of the same top coat.

Rhinstones and tweezers

Personally, these designs are usually too cute for me, I feel more comfortable with bolder, ‘cooler’ nails. But then one of my cats, Timon, came up to admire the results. After some purring he persuaded me to keep it on my nails for at least today. Alright then kittiekat.


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