Today’s nails: a little bit of everything with a crackle

crackle nailpolish

A few days ago I promised to do a more special manicure this week. I’d been thinking loads on what to do, as I’ve seen so many great ideas lately. I wanted to also draw inspiration from something real and current, which today is spring in The Netherlands. And that means colourful fields of tulips! But tulip fields alone on my nails isn’t exciting enough, so I’m adding some rebellious crackle to it.

Tulip fields 2

I started off with a base of 2 coats of a light green (the leaves you’ll see in between on tulip fields); I recently snapped up some Sephora ‘Jungle Green‘ during their Dutch stores’ closing down sale (I’m still very, very hurt). I let this dry for at least 40 minutes to ensure my tape later on isn’t going to ruin it.

Then, either cut THIN strips of sticky tape or better, get some nail striping tape and, after first sticking it on your hand to make it less sticky, choose some random spots per nail to place them. You can make thin, thick, horizontal, vertical, any direction. Today I’m sticking to random intervals but all vertical.Taped nail

Now choose some colours! Most common for tulip fields are yellow, pink, red, orange and some hints of purple and sometimes even blue, so I’m taking exactly that. The same before mentioned Sephora sale got me my yellow, pink, red and orange and lilac colours, and I’m splashing in just a hint of Nails Inc. ‘Belgrave Place‘ in as I absolutely adored that colour of my swanky blue mani the other week.

Now the tricky part. For this step I suggest using a thin nail art brush rather than the brushes provided with your nail polishes, as especially for the thinner bits you need to be very precise. Colour in the spots with your chosen colour. Do this per nail, meaning once you’re done colouring one nail, first remove the tape off that nail before you go on to the next. Because if the polish dries the tape won’t come off properly. Also be careful not to paste too much polish on, you can’t afford a big blob smudging over the rest of your nail. As you know, tulip fields are very precise as well – you won’t find groups of pink tulips grabbing a cup of tea with the yellow ones on the field! πŸ™‚


Once you’ve done all nails, I’m sure you’re quite glad it’s over. I decided it was time to have a drink with a friend. But done…not quite yet. After my good glass of merlot wine I’d refueled and at home added the last touch: a coat of crackle polish in jet black. I chose the Sephora brand again but any brand will do. After about a minute the crackle developed nicely, added a top coat (you must use a top coat over crackle otherwise it’ll fade quick) and phew, finally ready for the weekend!


5 thoughts on “Today’s nails: a little bit of everything with a crackle

  1. The nail art reminds me very much of spring that is a clever easy method to do it I must try it thanks for the idea ! X

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