Today’s nails: quick tune-up, fashionably neon

neon yellow nails

To my surprise, my husband of all people made a comment: ‘I think I like you more with bold nails’. If he says so, it must be true 😉 And yes, personally I agree! I LOVE a good pop colour any day over nudes, so time to throw in a little extra nail time. I decided to go full-on neon, no tricks included. I played with some stars but to be honest, this China Glaze ‘Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’s so neon, that (when using it as base colour) anything else would make it look over-the-top.

I’m definitely loving these nails, had several people commenting on them today so that’s a good sign. It’s like totally in fashion, dah-lings! One note though, if you own this particular shade or want to purchase it: it goes on matte and you need at least 3 coats to get a good cover. That’s lots more than average which is a pity. I used 5 coats and a shiny top coat as I like my neons to shine bright. But in any event, once all the coats are on it’s great!

Oh and if you’re wondering what my studded jacket looks like in full…it’s by Zara, last A/W collection. If you can somehow find it from somewhere, I can totally recommend it. And ready is your on-trend look!



14 thoughts on “Today’s nails: quick tune-up, fashionably neon

  1. Try using this over a base of white – the colour will pop with the need for less layers. Definitely has the POW factor – would look good with the black and white graffiti polish you swatched. LOVE that coat!

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