Today’s nails: Monday freestyle, beige/coral glitter with wings

simple glitter nail art bird

Happy Monday all! Well what a start of the week, I just started a new job and wow, it’s great šŸ™‚ To celebrate (OK and just because it’s Monday) I wanted to treat myself to a new nail design. One slight problem though…first days on jobs are always more exhausting than expected, so my big ‘inspired by nature’ idea’s not going to happen until tomorrow or Wednesday. Watch this space!

So today I decided to just grab a couple of polishes and start painting away. No plan, no nothing, just going with the flow…

And that led to something a little more ‘conservative’ than I’d usually do! Those who know me will know that I prefer strong, bold colours. Then again, sometimes less can be more so when I saw it was going the plain way, I decided to keep going.

I started by applying 2 coats of Essence ‘119 boho chic’. I’d call it a beige/pink with a bronze-ish glitter. The colour seems discontinued looking on their website, but no. ‘116 gorgeous bling bling’ comes close.

Once done it looked a little like this:

Nails in progress - 2 coats of essence 119

And no, I had no intention of doing a full clean around the nails in between. I’m a proud nail dummy šŸ™‚

Then, I decided that it was a little too plain for me. As much as I do sometimes like a nude shade, this was too bland. I then took some of my Bourjois Paris nail art stickers and randomly stuck a birdie on each middle finger. That made things a little better already.

Adding birds nail art tweezers

But I wanted more. And then I found myself holding Catrice ‘C03 Miss Money Penny’ glitter top coat. I decided to apply 1 coat of it over everything. It’s officially a gold-ish glitter top coat, however I prefer to always finish with a clear top coat for shine. By adding this, the colour on my nails shifted more towards a light coral.

That was much more like it. As I’m typing, I’m thinking of bringing out lil’ birdie a bit more though by adding some extra black polish over it, as a final freestyle act for the day. Just a sec…yup, did it. Now the birdie’s standing out a bit more. Little shiny top coat and clean up (in, as you can maybe see judging the background, a sink of soapy water), and there you have the pic from the top of this page!


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