Leopard and stripes, why stick to one design if you can have ’em all?

Leopard stripes

The idea came from looking around on Pinterest; I saw someone who’d collected several examples of ladies doing a couple of nails with a leopard print, and a couple with several stripes but all in the same colour story. I thought it looked amazing, so decided to give it a go, adding in a few twists. First, I only just started out using tape to stripe my nails, so opted for one wide band rather than several smaller stripes. And I felt like playing with glitter a bit, I’ve this (here we go again, sponsor me already haha) Nails Inc. rose coloured glitter which is deliciously amazing, I’d been wanting to use it again for a while. Anyway, on to how I did it!

First I put on Sally Hansen’s Double Duty base coat, followed by 2 coats of Barry M ‘318 Peach Melba’. I should get more Barry M shades when I’m in the UK again, I love how the colours come out and they’re really affordable.

Then I took a long break to ensure my nails dried completely; my last taping attempt ended up in me having to redo it all multiple times. Not so smart πŸ™‚

First next step, the stripey nails

When I was ready, I got sticky tape and cut off little strips, say 5cm each. I stuck each strip on my hand first to make it less sticky, and then carefully placed 2 strips per nail (I recommend you do this one nail at a time to avoid becoming Mrs Edwardia Stickyhands), in the way I wanted my stripe to come out. Now I’m quite a perfectionist, so it took me a few attempts to get it stuck straight and consistent. Because the tape was already less sticky, it luckily didn’t harm my nails. Once happy with the result, I used 2 quick coats of Nails Inc ‘Chelsea Square’ to add in enough glitter to cover, and after a minute or so, while it was still wet, slowly removed the tape. If you don’t do it while it’s wet, you’re guaranteed a fail. If you do it while it’s wet, it can still smudge, so I kept a nail stick handy to push back any escaped glitter and a thin nail art brush to top up any bits left uncovered. Waited a good 20 minutes to let the glitter dry, and then topped off with top coat.

Second next step, the leopard spots

The fun part. I admit getting some things handy to relieve any stress brought on by this part, and that I was shaking when I first started drawing with my left hand. But if I can do it, so can you.

To make it slightly easier, I took a nail art pen, I got one from Sally HansenΒ – the reviews aren’t great but I actually like them, after a few attempts I got the hang of it. But maybe next time I’ll try another brand to compare. Anyways I took a black colour and started to make messy mirrored C shapes around my nails, and in between some spots and stripes. I found that the more I concentrated, the less I was impressed with it, so you’re really looking for imperfect shapes here. Once that was all done, I first took an old rose colour (I used a little bottle I got from Sephora’s sale) and with my thin nail art brush/dotting tool, dropped a tiny bit of it in each mirror C shape, to form a leopard spot. I took this extra step so that the glitter now will come out better. Then I took the same Nails Inc. glitter as before, and in the same way drop a tiny drop on each spot. I didn’t want to drop multiple spots of it, otherwise the glitter polish becomes quite bulky and you won’t get an even finish. The old rose colour as base makes the glitter come out more without having to add more.

When I finished this step, I first high-fived my cats, sat back and relaxed. I was so glad it was done, because this dummy took over 2 hours to do it. And I’m not ashamed of admitting it πŸ˜‰ I gave the leopard spots a good half hour to dry, then topped off with a layer of top coat. In this case it’s essential, if you don’t the nail art pen stripes will fade within a day or so.

So, are you also up for taking on the leopard spot challenge?


To create this look, you’ll need:

-base/top coat

– peach or light pink nail polish

– glitter polish (make sure it’s got lots of glitter, so much that 2 coats could cover the nail without any ‘peepholes’

– slightly darker rose polish for spots base

– nail art pen

– sticky tape and scissors


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