Rock’n’roll nails

Rock'n'roll Nails

Excuse me for the not-so-clear photo, this was a nighttime project while I had no idea I’d be starting a blog anytime soon. I’ll surely post more similar designs at some point.

I felt like having something cool on my nails, something that will turn heads at festivals, rock concerts, and something in tune with current fashion trends. Well, then studs it must be!

After putting on a base coat, I used 2 coats Nails Inc ‘Chelsea’ for this, a colour that seems to be discontinued unfortunately, but basically a purple so dark that it’s nearly black. I kind of prefer colours like that to pasting my nails all black, the subtle difference is the fine line between accepted and not accepted at work in my case. And it’s slightly classier.

And now for the studs. I fancied having multiple studs on each nail, so in this case using simple nail pearls were perfect. I got mine from Claire’s, they’re a lot cheaper than some brands you can find at nail stores, and they do they trick just as well. I placed them on the nail while they were nearly dry, so I could still press the studs in carefully once in place. You could best use thin tweezers to pick up, place and roll around the studs on your nail.

After placing all studs and gently pressing them secure, I used 2 layers of top coat to secure it all. I find it most effective when waiting a good while between the 2 layers, this makes it harder and prevents any nasty bubbles. You want rock’n’roll not underwater mess šŸ™‚

That’s all there is to this design! I found it pretty easy to do, the biggest challenge was being patient enough to get all the studs on with a consistent amount of space between each of them.


To re-create this look, you’ll need:

– base/top coat

– a dark, nearly black nail polish

– nail pearls

– tweezers

– enough time and patience, make sure there’s a wall you can bang your head against the first 5 times you can’t get the studs in place!


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