Today’s nails: swanky blue with flower glitter

Today's nails blue with flowers

Today I felt like doing something a little less girly, if that even exists in the world of nail art. At least something a little more sophisticated. I’d tried a design so pink and glittery yesterday that didn’t suit me at all (I’ll share it in a next post), so I wanted to step away from the pink for a bit. Ah, in comes Nails Inc ‘Belgrave Place’, just what I need. A rich velvety dark blue, one of few blue shades I actually like, as many blue shades tend to look a little cheap when you paint a full set of nails with them. Nails Inc themselves call it a violet shade and the bottle in some light does look like that, but once it’s on my nails it’s as blue as it can be.

Another thing I love about this particular polish is that it’s one of the few I own that can actually already cover in 1 coat. So it’s one that I’ll consider packing when on the go!

Anyway, I first put on a good layer of base coat, followed by 1 coat of Belgrave Place, as I mentioned earlier for me that was enough for the look I wanted. Usually I’ll do 2 coats – you just need to judge yourself while you’re painting!

Then, after a few minutes when the polish had set, but not completely dried, I popped on a nail glitter flower by carefully using very thin tweezers and nail sticks, and once in place, *very* gently pat it down with a finger. You don’t want to pat it too hard or else you’ll have fingerprint nails 😉 Then I covered it with a layer of top coat to fix the glitter firmly on my nail and to finish the design. Some people would use nail art glue instead for the art adding step, however that’s a lot harder to remove. And there you have it, my simple dummy-proof nail design of the day! Actually, I’m so satisfied with this that I’ll keep them a for a good few days. After all, after all the precision work needed for this it deserves some time to be ooh-and-aahd at!


To re-create this look, you’ll need:

– Base coat

– Top coat 

– Rich blue shade of polish

– Nail glitter flakes, flower shape (I got mine from my local market, I’m sure plenty of beauty supply stores around you will have them or similar designs. Over-priced? Check out some nail stores online or even Amazon, you can find loads there that is very affordable)

– Thin tweezers

– Nail sticks

Cleaning up the edges? Read the Q&A section of my blog for general advice!


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