Today’s nails: taped mani, Queensday style


Hey all! Today’s a big day in The Netherlands, where I live: it’s the last Queensday for a (probably) very long time! Our current Queen Beatrix is stepping aside to let her son Willem-Alexander become the first king in over a century. And that all on Queensday, the day we traditionally go out in the country’s colours orange, red, white and blue to celebrate her birthday. From next year, Kingsday will be on tge 27th so lots of reasons to have a big party today!

I’ll be going out in the city with husband and friends, and of course the nails couldn’t stay behind! It’s not my best work to be honest, but for a relatively quick job it looks great for the day.

I gave myself a double coating of a bright orange from Sephora. Then, using striping tape, chose random nails to paint flags on. As it has 3 layers it will save you some time if you try not to be perfect, but to only stripe the red and blue and carefully colour in the white bits without tape.
As soon as the polish has set a bit, throw on some fast drying top coat. Fijne Koninginnedag!


Now live: the nail dummy Facebook page!

Hi all,

Hope you all had a good weekend. Well I did – lots to do so no time for new nail experiments. But I *did* start a Facebook page! Visit it here. I’m still busy uploading the past blogs but new posts will be automatically posted there as well.

Today’s nails: a little bit of everything with a crackle

crackle nailpolish

A few days ago I promised to do a more special manicure this week. I’d been thinking loads on what to do, as I’ve seen so many great ideas lately. I wanted to also draw inspiration from something real and current, which today is spring in The Netherlands. And that means colourful fields of tulips! But tulip fields alone on my nails isn’t exciting enough, so I’m adding some rebellious crackle to it. Continue reading

Suit & tie manicure that purrs!

Manicure cat

Another one from the archives today, I did raid several stores again today though so I’ve enough new polishes to play around with!

I called this my suit & tie mani with a little meow-factor. (Sorry for the poor cleaning prior to taking the above picture by the way…) Was really simple, just 2 coats of Nails Inc. ‘Mayfair‘, which is a pearly white, followed by some Bourjois Paris nail stickers – I’m sure you can find similar ones from online nail stores, as I’ve got a feeling you can only get the ones I got in The Netherlands and selected other European countries. With thin tweezers, I carefully placed my little bow ties, and to make it a little cuter, added a kitty kat on my index fingers. That’s all! Any nail dummy can do this :-

Today’s nails: quick tune-up, fashionably neon

neon yellow nails

To my surprise, my husband of all people made a comment: ‘I think I like you more with bold nails’. If he says so, it must be true 😉 And yes, personally I agree! I LOVE a good pop colour any day over nudes, so time to throw in a little extra nail time. I decided to go full-on neon, no tricks included. I played with some stars but to be honest, this China Glaze ‘Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’s so neon, that (when using it as base colour) anything else would make it look over-the-top.

Continue reading

Today’s nails: Monday freestyle, beige/coral glitter with wings

simple glitter nail art bird

Happy Monday all! Well what a start of the week, I just started a new job and wow, it’s great 🙂 To celebrate (OK and just because it’s Monday) I wanted to treat myself to a new nail design. One slight problem though…first days on jobs are always more exhausting than expected, so my big ‘inspired by nature’ idea’s not going to happen until tomorrow or Wednesday. Watch this space!

So today I decided to just grab a couple of polishes and start painting away. No plan, no nothing, just going with the flow… Continue reading

What I keep handy for nail art

Nail art

My friends have been asking me what I use to get my nails to look the way they do. Well, for nail art there are so many things you can use, from rhinestones to tape to flakes…I’ve even seen ladies blogging about how they placed real feathers on their nails (looks really pretty by the way) ;-). So here’s a little pic of my current main tools!

On my tools and accessories page I’ve listed and will keep on adding stuff I have or come across that you could use for nail art. As you could imagine, it is a bit more than all the fun stuff. Luckily it all doesn’t have to cost much! All items you can see on this picture are explained there, so if you’re still in doubt of what to get, check it out!